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Welcome to PPC-Plan.com, our web site designed to share with you the secrets of our success. On the surface, Pay Per Click advertising sounds like a great thing for advertisers: You don't need to wait months to get search engine ranking, you can design your site for your human visitor and not a machine, and you can target your keywords exactly.

It really is this, and so much more! But first you need to overcome the learning curve...how not to blow your budget your first weekend, how to pay a nickle a click and not a dollar or more, how to get and maintain a high "click-through rate" (CTR) on your keywords, and how to track your "return on investment" (ROI) to know how much profit your advertising budget is buying.

Pay Per Click - Get and maintain a HIGH click-through rate! Pay Per Click CTR - one of the most important parts of Pay Per Click advertising!

PPC - Maximize your ROI!  PPC Return On Investment - one of the OTHER most important parts of PPC advertising!

So... you've come to the right place. We've spent lots of time gathering information, experimenting, and managing our own Pay Per Click campaigns that we decided to create this free guide on the web! We'd like to invite you to take a peek around the site here, while we try to answer your Pay Per Click questions, explain things like "AdWords" and "Overture", and point you towards other sites and resources that will help you maximize your ROI and not blow your budget your first time trying.

This really is the brave new world of Internet Marketing and a whole new technology. In addition to targeting market segmentation, Pay Per Click offers tracking and almost instant feedback on how your campaign is running, how your copy is doing, how your keywords are performing.

Read on, learn, and welcome to the world of managing PPC!

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