Pay Per Click Copy Writing

So you find yourself a few keywords you like, bid a nickel or a dollar and watch the clicks come in...not so! Copy must be compelling for the viewer or they have no reason to visit your site, even if you have your ad plastered in front of their eyeballs 24/7. All of us "media children" have fine-tuned the art of blocking out blatant advertisements.

But wait...there are customers out there and they are looking for your information, so it is a fine line you must walk. Also good to remember is that your customer thinks in her own fashion. So no matter how proud you are that you have a "advanced suped-up widget", your potential customer is thinking on her own level and how to solve her own problems.

So the number one thought here is forget your pride and your insider jokes, etc. Reach out to your customer and try to imagine what she is looking for. Using industry terms might appeal to that small group that actually work in your industry, but to the rest of the world it just flys on bring it down to earth.

A good example: I want a computer. What do I know about processor speed or video card specs? I don't care...I just want a computer to write some email or to browse the web. So if you come on with "Make: Model: Number:" I just glaze over.

Much better to put yourself in your customer's shoes. What is the desire? Write some email. sell that...maybe give it a bit of a twist and some humor: "Our computers can launch rockets but you can use it to send email to your grandmother".