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This is your water cooler on your new learn to love the discussion boards. It is where you get to put your "ear to the ground" to hear distant rumblings as well as a place to just blow off steam. Visit them often!! A good tip is to lurk around a bit and get to know the main characters, and then post a bit. But don't expect arms wide open to welcome you and don't be shocked to get a gruff reply...after all, everyone has their own agendas and tribal alliances.

So take it a bit slow if you are new to Internet message boards. They are a great place to make friends with people at your own level or maybe even people doing what you want to do. But no one is going to give away secrets and there is a lot of misinformation in this competitive environment, so the attitude should be "fun first and most of all" and if good things come about because of it, that's great!

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