Pay Per Click Resources

Pay Per Click Analyst - Reviews the top Pay Per Click Search Engines - offering news, reviews and helpful articles. This site tries to explain the pros and cons to all the pay per click engines out there in an easy-to-understand way.

PageZero - This site focuses mainly on Google AdWords, offering tracking reports for download.

Conversion Ruler - A subscription based "performance tracking" reporting service that provides detailed information on the effectiveness of your site marketing efforts. Offers more than your average website stats tracker. Articles - Lists advice taken from a convention on Internet Marketing about what's important and what's not.'s "White Papers" - To receive the url for Paid Search Engine Relationship Matrix and all our white papers including a complimentary copy of Search Engine Marketing Best Practices, written by Kevin Lee, CEO of and author of articles on SEM and SEO, fill out the form on the site. - Interviews - Site creator writes about talking to three very experienced pay-per-click operatives - Ammon Johns, Andrew Goodman from Page Zero Media, and Jim Banks from Web Diversity.

Perry Marshall - "Combat the Learning Curve of Google AdWords" - Gives more details on this popular PPC Program. - Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Discussion Forum. Go there, register, and bookmark it!

Web Search - - Get more out of pay per click advertising by measuring ROI.

Web Search - - PPC for beginners - Creating Ads and Managing Your Budget.

Stop Pay Per Click Fraud - Whos Clicking Who offers great pay per click auditing services.

We Build Pages - Offers Pay Per Click Services.

Search Engine Promotion - Search engine promotion services expert. Effective search engine positioning, link popularity service from UK.